How to move you

Barcelona’s transport authority enters the fray.

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  • How to make your trip more confortable

    “Confortable” is one of the mainstays of lousy Spanish-English translation, and Barcelona’s transport authority is happy to oblige:

    If you know what you want to do and how to get there, get information on how to make your trip more confortable. TMB moves Barcelona and works everyday to give everybody a confortable, fast and environment-friendly service.

  • Barcelona’s Mr Camper Bike is coming for lunch

    Here’s another one, Kevin Cyr. The thought of cycling that in even the mildest of winds is quite terrifying. European transport bikes are horrendously expensive and have lots of useless pijo features. How would I go about importing and converting a Chinese transport bike?

  • SUV, “vehículo deportivo”

    Re the Times Square car bomb, José M Guardia comments on the mistranslation of Chelsea tractor by Cadena Ser and others. While their minds may well be as furry as porcine slurry, the marketing of a vehicle allegedly (where?) designed for exotic and perilous deserts to surgically improved mums to transport their precious tots half a …

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    Here, in a magical photo by John Robertson. It would be interesting to know which Morris group it belongs to.

    We’ve been thinking about cockerel costumes rather like a pantomime horse, large enough to be split into two, large enough to fit a river, a mountain and a wolf (or three children dressed as them) …

  • Traditional and Mediterranian Root Entertainment Fair

    Watching them grow? Or is there a sexual metaphor in the Government of Catalonia’s 9 billion euro March bond issue? The document is actually fine as a whole so I guess they just copy-pasted the list of public “companies and organisations”. Arrel in “Fira d’Espectacles d’Arrel Tradicional, Mediterrani” is correctly translated as “roots”, but a government …

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Föcked Translation (413): I posted to a light-hearted blog called Fucked Translation over on Blogger from 2007 to 2016, when I was often in Barcelona. Its original subtitle was "What happens when Spanish institutions and businesses give translation contracts to relatives or to some guy in a bar who once went to London and only charges 0.05€/word." I never actually did much Spanish-English translation (most of my work is from Dutch, French and German) but I was intrigued and amused by the hubristic Spanish belief, then common, that nepotism and quality went hand in hand, and by the nemeses that inevitably followed.

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Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (3): Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona is the main public transit operator in Barcelona, made up of two formerly separate companies, Ferrocarril Metropolità de Barcelona, SA.


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