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eg http://www.wfmu.org/flashplayer.php?show=15752&archive=21535 01:16:24

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  • Your street organ repertoire proposals

    Collected via the form. I’ve done basic arrangements of around 50 for the configuration that will be available to me and I’ll brush them up when I get hold of the instrument and can try things out. I’ll probably also post a few samples here in the interim. I’m not on Facebook any longer (yep, …

  • London’s River Lea and Waltham Forest in Drayton’s 1622 Poly-Olbion

    Now you see ’em, now you don’t.

  • Bike battery chargers

    A couple of things found (a Topsy, for example, “runs for 7 hours on a 12 volt 30 AH battery“):

    1. http://www.mark-ju.net/bike_ride/equipment/charger.htm charges stack of 6Vs
    2. For about the same weight as a generator setup, you could get a solar charger that works whether you
      are pedaling or not. Batteries.com has one that weighs .28 pounds and will

  • Amarcord

    Petrushka, accordeons and theatre lead inevitably to the best film ever:

    The tranny plumping up his chest to make the wedding guests smile for the cameraman remind me that this show needs tits. My pink dress–made by Lou B–has suffered over the years. If I knew where she lived I’d try to get her to …

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    More vids. Home. “this show combines beautiful sets, stunning aerial displays and wonderful animated landscapes. Set inside a series of miniature circus tents, The Sugar Beast Circus brings back to life the celebrated circus sideshows of the 1800s”

    I once did a multimedia kiosk for some people using the metaphor of the red/white-striped tent. I …


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