Steampunk gear

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  • Karaoke with a virtual street organ

    A little experiment, featuring “Tulips from Amsterdam”, “Hungry, hungry” from Dr Seuss, and “When you are old and grey” by one of the authors of “Random walks with restraining barrier as applied to the biased binary counter.”

  • Bocadillo organillo

    Ensayo abierto mañana (sábado) a las 12:00 en Gracia, Barcelona.

  • El organillo busca casa!

    Ha estado unos meses deliciosos haciendo dueto steampunk con el penique comino en el escaparate de c/ Terol 30, todo gracias a Koos (que no vamos a llamar el Bicirey de la Nueva España para no ofender a los muy sensibles a la historia antigua).

    Pero ahora soplan nuevos vientos, y necesita nuevo alojamiento, que sea …

  • Bike battery chargers

    A couple of things found (a Topsy, for example, “runs for 7 hours on a 12 volt 30 AH battery“):

    1. charges stack of 6Vs
    2. For about the same weight as a generator setup, you could get a solar charger that works whether you
      are pedaling or not. has one that weighs .28 pounds and will


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