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  • MuseScore: open source notation software

    I’ve got an old Sibelius CD down in the warehouse, but I couldn’t be ar*ed to find and fetch, and it probably wouldn’t work on Vista anyway. So … I had a look around and installed MuseScore, a free, open source competitor for Finale Notepad (which incidentally now costs $10). David Bolton does a head-to-head

  • Domestic servant offers titillation, experience

    There’s no translation angle on this one, but you won’t find many Spanish eggcorns better than this contributed example from 2008:

    For the machines amongst you:

    Se ofrece señora para atención a personas mayores y discapacitadas Con titilación y experiencia y labores domesticas…

    Who says you can’t find staff these days?

  • Tourism non-promotion

    It sometimes feels like this blog is being outsourced to Lenox, also to be found here now. I’ve detailed various examples of Catalan administrations that only market to foreigners in Catalan, and I’m sure the phenomenon is to be found elsewhere, and that the mayors’ nephews and nieces are very grateful. Any nice examples?

  • Carlos Borbolla (1902 – 1990), Cuban dance organ impresario and piano composer

    I just found a piece by Miriam Ruiz Pérez in the Cuban national socialist regime’s magazine, La Jiribilla. Apparently Borbolla was born in Manzanillo of a merchant family which made money from the hire, construction and repair of dance organs. As he moved into the business following musical studies in France, he began to replace the …


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