Taking the peace? Catalan village writes Shalom backwards

A few months back I posted about Barcelona Council’s totemistic approach to foreign languages. Here, from CataloniaWatch, is another brilliant example: “shalom” transcribed backwards. Candide writes:

this pic is from a parc in a town near the catalan pyrenees cuyo nombre no quiero recordar.

obviously, the “author” of this “work” looked up “peace” in hebrew letter by letter, ignoring that semitic languages are usually written right to left. wikipedia (search term: hebrew alphabet) rules.

why he or she took the dalet for a vav while still being smart enough to put in the correct form of mem i really am unable to fathom.

i can, however, imagine this being done by any 10 year old and no big deal. but was there no adult tutoring the kids? and was there no municipal employee to oversee the whole feat?

Here, from Wikipedia, is the same word with the letters in the correct order:

It’s not really all that hard.

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