Long time no see, but…

Organ‘s almost there:

And one’s mind is furtively wandering again through the world of cargo cycles. Recent sightings include a very impressive 4-wheeler from FietsXpress.nl in Den Haag:

Apparently it’s Berlin-built, but by whom?

Vrachtfiets.nl, a spin-off from the excellent technical university in Delft (I used to cycle there from Rijswijk every lunchtime for fried fish, but that’s another story), are making cool machines, but their (projected) cargo bike appears to be two-poisson, and I wonder how well it would do over long distances:

Then there’s Lovelo / La Petite Reine, who produce just west of Paris, and about whom I know virtually nothing else, though I think I saw one of their machines branded DHL the other day in Barcelona. The box is pretty high (1.5m) so I’m guessing wind would be a problem:

My legs are still in reasonable shape, though popular opinion is that my mind is a goner, so it’s going to happen, come rain or come shine, as they say.

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