Arabitch bath

Studiolum@Poemas del río Wang visited the so-called Arab baths* at Palma de Mallorca and discovered that in some language or another they pertain to “A woman from the middle east or Arabia that is a bitch.”

*Gabriel Ensenyat i Pujol of the University of the Balearic Islands, mysteriously absent from the THE’s current list of the world’s top 400 universities, says for reasons that are unclear that the baths are Jewish, and that if you publicly disagree with him about anything he should be able to denounce you to the authorities.

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    Data Whois:

    Domain name:
    Gabriel Cabrera Mendez (SROW-1351833)
    Trv. de Pizarro, 5
    06800 ES
    +34 924300519

    Administrative contact:
    Gabriel Cabrera Mendez (SRCO-2126877)
    Trv. de Pizarro, 5
    06800 ES
    +34 924300519
    Technical contact:
    Gabriel Cabrera Mendez (SRCO-2126878)
    Trv. de Pizarro, 5
    06800 ES
    +34 924300519
    Domain servers in listed order:
    Created: 25 Jul 2006 10:25:41:000 UTC
    Expires: 25 Jul 2011 10:25:41:000 UTC
    Last updated: 30 Sep

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