Breakfats, breakfast of the future?

Seen this morning on a bar in Barcelona’s c/ Ancha/Ample (not the Snake Bar: that’s on Laietana, and the menu is disappointing). Mike Abayan lexes it on Urban Dictionary as “a meal for those who are trying to lose weight. it consists of non-fatty and healthy foods or, if not, no food at all.” The tens of thousands of ghits out there include a pretty fucking subliminal one in a Nestlé page URL and title tag. It’s on-message and memorable, and may even become a generic mealtime term once people realise that “dinner” is also “in nerd.”

But if you’re innovating then you also need to know when to stop. Yep, that’s you, Finca Puig Gros in Palafrugell:

This contry house is set in forets , 5 minutes walk fron the cente of Calella drive. It ofeers a large garden with an outdoor pool , cap Roig castle and botanic graden are 200 mtrs. away . The Puig Gros serves a daily continental breakfats in the dining room , there is a porh with a table and armchirs where yiu can relax with a gring.

“Gring” must be gastric ring, and they’re surely a thing of the pats, now we’re all on breakfats.

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