A cowboy mouse: Hello you! let me out! and don’t catch me like a trout

Francisco Gabilondo Soler has been denounced for his song, Ratón Vaquero, from the Cri-Cri show (more here), in which a Yankee mouse demands his freedom from the trap into which he has fallen:

The offending lyrics in full:

What the heck is this house
for a manly cowboy mouse?
Hello you! let me out!
and don’t catch me like a trout.

Unlike the snitch, I don’t think that piscatorial linguistics are at issue here. You can catch trout with a line, or if you’re really clever by tickling (Beaumont & Fletcher: “Be a Baron and a bold one: leave off your tickling of young heirs like Trouts, and let thy Chimnies smoke.“), but then there are also traps:

So the mouse, like the inhabitants of Numantia, is merely complaining that he has been taken by fiendish cunning rather than in fair combat. The previous couplet may for all I know be dodgy, but let’s not waste all day trying to pick holes in Mexico’s greatest poet.

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