Invasion of the feet

A bouncer was standing outside a club when suddenly a horde of feet poured down the street and began squealing, “Let us in, let us in!” “This establishment’s non-discrimination policy doesn’t apply to autonomous human body parts,” he replied, “so fuck off.” But they began kicking at his ankles, and hopping up his legs to…
A foot in Agnolo Bronzino's

Even the Russian central bank is struggling

Though its interest rate hike press release is only slightly more difficult to understand than Joseph Cotterill’s comment, and, despite its rather pressing concerns, it is still doing much better than the Ajuntament de Vic. Here’s a free comma to hang behind “loans” in para 2: ,.

Non-compete agreements for freelance translators: the Groucho clause

My standard fare is NL/FR>EN legal and industrial, which goes down with a general lack of fuss and fury. But every now and again some loon writes, looking for someone to undercut Google Translate on, say, Serbian>Welsh, and sometimes I put out my horns, like the little Kyloe cow (do click!): for Romanian, for example,…

Acabo de comprar mi pavo de Navidad km0 I just bought my km0 Christmas turkey

No se parece a un pavo normal porque es de raza catalana muy especial, y además es de corral y orgánico, dice mi amigo del bar en la esquina. ¿Qué haría sin mis nuevos amigos de aquí?It doesn’t look like a normal turkey because it’s a special Catalan breed, and it’s also free-range and organic, says my friend from the bar on the corner. What would I do without my new friends here?

Get your lice at Vic municipal market this Christmas

Vic, deepest Catalonia, has a council that cares – but not necessarily about ratepayers: In the Mercat Municipal de Vic (Municipal Market of Vic) you can find all products that customer may need all of them of top quality: butchers, delicatessens, butchers, greengrocers, lice, food, fish side, bar restaurant, bakery, cheese, kiosk, system products ,…

Barrel organ braking

El fanclub del Nokia 100 soy yo, y su radiación es buena para ti.I am the Nokia 100 fanclub, and its radiation is good for you.[:nl]De fanclub van de Nokia 100 ben ik.El fanclub del Nokia 100 sóc jo, i la seva radiació és bona per a tu.

Note that the wheel exposed to radiation has better color