Barrel organ braking

El fanclub del Nokia 100 soy yo, y su radiación es buena para ti.I am the Nokia 100 fanclub, and its radiation is good for you.[:nl]De fanclub van de Nokia 100 ben ik.El fanclub del Nokia 100 sóc jo, i la seva radiació és bona per a tu.

Note that the wheel exposed to radiation has better color

Note that the wheel exposed to radiation has better color

People say to me, “But isn’t mobile phone radiation bad for your organ’s health?”

And I say, “No: in fact, I went to some very interesting talks at the Casa Valencia in Barcelona, from which I understand that mobile phone radiation is actually good for you! And I have since learned that if I stuff my mobile and a load of wires and electronic components in a box and strap it to my head, I can discover what’s wrong with me simply by tapping my stomach! That’s what I call science!”

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