Dr Frankenstein and Mr Ornette Coleman

You can’t make heads or tails out of it. RIP

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    The text is blogged here. This uses the virtual organ I’ve rigged up and the procedure is still as here. I’ve got Audacity 1.3.1 now and tried out the ANWIDA Soft DX Reverb Light effect to try and disguise my 5€ Skype headphone mike. I’m still struggling with the fact that I can’t use all …

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    Petrushka, accordeons and theatre lead inevitably to the best film ever:

    The tranny plumping up his chest to make the wedding guests smile for the cameraman remind me that this show needs tits. My pink dress–made by Lou B–has suffered over the years. If I knew where she lived I’d try to get her to …

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    I got a tremendous kick out of singing duets over CU-SeeMe with some mad Icelandic woman in 1994, but it had all been done before, at the beginning of the telephone age:

    ten musicians performing, in 1892, in four different towns (Dudley, Wolverhampton, Stafford and Hanley) In other words the telephone not only allowed you to

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    Doubts have been expressed re my capacity to sing over the bloody thing. Here at 02:00 is Claude Reboul on the Place Beaubourg demonstrating that this is not a problem:

    About a decade ago Claude recorded his greatest hits album, L’organiste barbare, which is in similar mode and unfortunately doesn’t seem to be available anywhere …


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