From Charles Trenet, two musical De Gaulle anecdotes

Re the songs, L’âme des poètes and Douce France.

The lyrics to L'âme des poètes on a Narbonne wall.

The lyrics to L'âme des poètes on a Narbonne wall. Imagen: Kuxu76.


  1. I knew I’d truly gone native when, on the flight back from a grueling trip to San Francisco, my iPod played La Jolie Sardane, with its lines about my beloved Cotlliure, and I suddenly had a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes.

    In my defence, I was very, very tired.

    Summer road trips and afternoons on the terrace chez nous are not complete without some Charles Trenet, though I admit I’d never looked into the lyrics for L’âme des poètes. An already beautiful piece, rendered all the more so now.

  2. Ah, Collioure port, with its great pink dick! One of a few towns along that coast that ex-expats miss now rather than as it was at some half-remembered point in the past.

    Tag added for Général de Gaulle. Apparently no one has ever heard of him.

  3. The instrument I didn’t recognise on L’âme des poétes is an ondioline played by Jean​-​Jacques Perrey. Get the album here (via WFMU)

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