Two translations of a Setswana train poem

“Rhinoceros of the highlands / Beast coming from the South, it comes along steaming, / It comes from Pompi and from Kgobola-diatla.” With excerpts from oral poetry about cattle and other domestic and wild animals, marijuana, bicycles and the 2nd Boer War; with Kipling and other European South African railway poetry; and with Hugh Masekela as uitsmyter.

Steam locomotive graveyard at De Aar Junction (or Touws River?), South Africa.

Top 10 Russian songs about football (No. 10)

Argentina-Yamayka 5-0, by Chayf (1999). Our women forgive us our weakness / Our women forgive us our tears / They forgive the whole world its laughter and mirth – / Even Argentina.

Right to left: Vladimir Shakhrin, bronze of an old warrior by Dashi Namdakov from the Mongolian-Chinese borders, fan.