“Virginity is an overrated virtue”

Granddad’s Armistice, in letters and recollections. With glimpses ante hoc of Cameronians & Royal Scots in the Eastern Mediterranean & on the Somme; of ambulance trains in Northern France; of 6th Battalion York & Lancaster Regiment during the terminal Hundred Days Offensive into Belgium; and post hoc of the aftermath, including an exchange with a German family. With a special cameo featuring Kandy the Maltese terrier.

No early photos so far from the steel boxes, so here's grandpa with grandma at Winchester Cathedral in 1972.

Monkey anis

Mona: (I once met a Tangier man who claimed to own a Barbary ape called Lisa, but let’s not go there, or here either.) Copywriters have moved on since Darwin was alleged to have said, “It’s the best, science says so and I’m not lying”: I use the sweet version of Anis del Mono in…