Voice/organ balance

Doubts have been expressed re my capacity to sing over the bloody thing. Here at 02:00 is Claude Reboul on the Place Beaubourg demonstrating that this is not a problem:

About a decade ago Claude recorded his greatest hits album, L’organiste barbare, which is in similar mode and unfortunately doesn’t seem to be available anywhere legally. There are photos of him and his work on his website, including the magnificent Mécanophone, which looks rather like some Italian trucks I have known but would be the envy of them all:

Whatever the strength of my voice, megalomania may profit from entrism & hence a small organ.

Willem Breuker barrel organ stuff

Wikipedia it say

1967 Lunchconcert voor drie Amsterdamse draaiorgels
1968 Music for Han Bennink voor draaiorgel
1969 Preparation to voting voor draaiorgel
1970 Een dagje ouder voor klein draaiorgel

I thought off the top of my bonce that he’d done stuff for mixed ensembles, but neither this nor that is on UTube. His normal style is fine, however:

Programmable mini pin organ for kids

Gloggomobil by Naef toys of Switzerland is based on the principle of the barrel organ and helps to introduce a child to the world of music. Designed by Herbert Bahli.

When the black pegs are pushed into the holes on the drum and the simple turning mechanism is set in motion, melodies can be heard. A child can also produce bell-like sounds directly with the drumsticks on the detachable xylophone.

Only one prob: it’s 900USD

Sibelius acquired! Anyone got any Wesley Willis or Casio keyboard riff transcriptions?

Well, donated by interested Zimbabwean Maoists. I also found an old M-Audio Radium 49 which seems to do MIDI input on Vista, so now I have to decide which tunes to do first. A Wesley Willis tribute seems in order. Has anyone got transcriptions of his texts or of Casio keyboard riffs? I guess the latter must be with Casio engineers.

Palm or similar as integrated sound control device

Rather than mucking around with Gumstix and stuff, the excellent Christian Blanchard runs his Orgautomatix from MIDI data and a MIDI reader on a Palm (pic here of the setup). Old Palms go for a tenner and the Z22 is around 70 quid at the moment. IttyMidi does a package including an old Palm (only 8MB) for 120USD, so that’s about 3.50€ ;o) There’s a group, PalmSounds, dedicated to handhelds and music. Old list of software here, but all I want is a controller.

David Marks has done something similar:

I too am building a midi organ which played its first basic tune today !. Mine is powered by a surplus blower fan I bought from Alan Pell and which I am driving with a bench grindstone motor. I built my own controller from a DIY MIdi website. It has at present 64 outputs but can easily be upgraded to 128. I have modified a Palm PDA cable to supply a midi output from a Palm M130 and use midi player software downloaded from the States.

128 outputs sounds useful. I assume you could also do that by banking two shrinkwrapped 64-output modules. But I am not an electrical engineer, or any genuine type of engineer for that matter.

I can’t really see the point of buying a proprietary MIDI controller like this one:

(Christian is also using the http://www.j-omega.co.uk/ as the next link in the chain.)

Bike battery chargers

A couple of things found (a Topsy, for example, “runs for 7 hours on a 12 volt 30 AH battery“):

  1. http://www.mark-ju.net/bike_ride/equipment/charger.htm charges stack of 6Vs
  2. For about the same weight as a generator setup, you could get a solar charger that works whether you
    are pedaling or not. Batteries.com has one that weighs .28 pounds and will charge 4 AAs in “as
    little as 12 hours of direct sun” and costs 20 bucks.
  3. http://geektechnique.org/projectlab/511 Bike-charger for iPod
  4. http://geektechnique.org/projectlab/236 previous hand crank version

Trad dynamo setup = easier initial setup but less reliable

My dream barrel organ sound

La Java Viennoise played at Les Primitifs du Futur:

That looks like Fay Lovsky on musical saw, and yes, that is Robert Crumb in the background. You are going to do something by Ms Lovsky, asks S. Well, of course. I tend to prefer what I imagine are her B-sides, and unfortunately they don’t seem to turn up on YT. So here she is with the Ukelele Club of Paris: