Cowbike drawing competition

With reference to several recent items (1, 2, 3), Emma Moo-Cow bets we can’t produce a cow on a bike. Well, finding what a number of sites call Cow-A-Saki wasn’t too difficult (anyone know who it is?). However, I think she probably meant a pushbike. That’s harder, but let’s try:

  • One of the episodes of the laugh-free Flemish TV comedy series, Lachen is gezond (Laughing is good for you), features a cow that rides away on a bike and is hit by a lorry. Unfortunately, their budget and creativity are too limited to allow any of this action to be shown.
  • As a Dutch proverb teaches us, een koe zonder fiets heeft ook eigenlijk niets (± What reason to like/A cow without a bike?). Unfortunately I can find neither illustration nor source.
  • Cyclecide run bike rodeos in … California, but the idea is that you ride a bike that looks only very vaguely like a cow and then get very drunk. I think. I have only run over two pigeons (by mistake) in my cycling career, so I’d feel uncouth in their company.
  • Moostro is the most promising candidate, but she looks more like a merchant banker in a tux than cows I have known.
  • Duck on a Bike sounds quite promising. Anyone know more?
  • What the hell is this about?
  • Nokia does a screensaver, but it’s a scooter, not a bike. Fools.

So we failed? No, that means it’s time for the …

Drawing competition

Draw a cow and bike picture and then use this form to upload it. Remember it’s August and today is Friday, so take your time and do a really good one. The prize is a postcard (real, not virtual) sent from Barcelona to you or to the person of your choice.

[Form removed]

(I will obviously not do nasty things like publishing your email or passing it to others. More on privacy here.)

(There is now an update here and the winner has been announced here.)

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  1. I like it…
    … but I’m wondering who will judge the cow-on-a-bike drawing competition????

    I can’t believe I missed the San Francisco cycleride!

    “that our bicycle cow’s headdress was addressed to thee, for you see, and only from me” – my kind of story!

  2. that in the picture is not a real cow, it’s two people dressed in a cow’s suit. you can tell by the sneakers attached to the front legs.

  3. I was born in the country. All cows are like that. The pantomime horse is the most true expression of the state of British zoology at the beginning of the 21st century.

  4. I did find an icon of a cow in a shopping trolley on
    does that count?
    (the “art on cows” event in brussels displays 180 or so painted cows throughout the city. “iedereen houdt van koeien. zo is dat nu eenmaal!”)

  5. One thing I found interesting on that site is the number of cows that have been stolen. Barcelona’s Botero cat recently moved from the Drassanes to la Rambla del Raval, though it may have figured out feline biomechanics whilst sitting there.

  6. I’m not very good at bikes. Hills and houses are my speciality. I’ll get the dog to do a new one at teh weekend. When’s the closing date?

  7. botero’s cat seems to be everywhere. it (or botero himself) invented cloning long before they produced dolly, the silly sheep. it’s as ubiquitous as those andean music bands. i remember botero’s cat from the bellas artes in caracas as well, but that may have been botero’s pig.
    i’d steal one of those cows, but i’d have trouble hiding it.

  8. I have a friend who speaks to the cows and they answer her!!! could i send her photo?, and what about cowcheese riding a bike picture for the competition?

  9. That sounds most interesting!

    Breaking news: Hiroshi at S**y Research is working on a collage that will challenge conventional notions of the bovine and, if it’s anything like his previous rubbish, make you regret the whole digital revolution.

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