We’ve got a winner!

Sorry to break my normal DutchCatalanEnglish flow, but this is important: we’ve got a winner for the cowbike drawing competition!

The winning artist, Jan-Willem de Bruijn (7) from Rotterdam, notes in his entry that “The Netherlands seems to be the country with the highest density of roadsigns in the world. We have signs for everything. One of our specialities is indicating who can use which bit of the road: cars, bikes, pedestrians, equestrians, and bike-borne cows.”

A garish postcard is this very second speeding its way towards the Low Countries, and if my local postman gets anywhere near it then probably not much will have changed if you read this post in three months time. But you don’t want to read my rubbish! You want to see a cow on a bike, so (drum roll from Barcelona Town Band) here it is:


Jan-Willem thought that you might also enjoy this.

Moo by Dave, who’ll get the other postcard if my hangover clears. I originally used it in the soundtrack for my first Director kiosk, Moo Way, being an introduction to the dairy industry. That was back in 1995 when I was supplementing my income by writing barrel organ music, of course. Here’s the music (AIFF) I rigged up to accompany the opening titles. It’s big (ca 790K), but that’s the way I like it. I seem to remember that the kiosk shut down with a close-up of a bovid chewing to the strains of Gib mir den letzten Abschiedsku߯weil ich Dich heut’ verlassen mu߯Und sage mir auf wiedersehn,/auf wiedersehn, leb’ wohl., as sung by the Comedian Harmonists. Dutch gin works wonders. (You might like to buy Mr Brown Can Moo! Can You? Dr Seuss’s Book of Wonderful Noises: )

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