gerry adams in syria

Slugger O’Toole quotes Mark Durkan on RTE’s Question and Answers: “Gerry Adams has been on more roads to Damascus than a Syrian bus driver.” For the best election analysis you’re likely to read anywere, check the current edition of Portadown News.

leo: french version

I can’t think of a better web project to come out of Germany than the Technical University of Munich’s LEO. Their collaborative online GermanEnglish dictionary is outstanding, it’s free, and it’s getting in the order of three million hits a day. Now these excessively good people have announced a FrenchGerman version, to be launched early…


Good post by Mark Liberman on Language Log: Captain John Dunn, of the Shreveport LA police department, is quoted by CNN as attributing the failure of the speech recognition technology in their new PBX to “Southern drawl and what I call lazy mouth”… Message to Captain Dunn: the fault is in your system’s technology, not…

Cold English robot vs hot Spanish pussy

This is so silly I can’t believe anyone’s taking it seriously. Go on, be non-biologically determinist about this: what would you prefer on your desktop, Ms D from sensual Barcelona or Ms Inkha (website) from adjective-free London? Via BoingBoing.


Persbericht van de (legale) Baskische separatisten, de PNV: de Commissie Regionaal Beleid, Vervoer en Toerisme heeft een amendement van hun Josu Ortuondo aangenomen, zodat alle schepen die onder de vlag van een lidstaat zeilen straks een versie met een toegevoegde Brusselse stralenkrans moeten gebruiken (leze: minder ruimte voor de Spaanse vlag). Nu gaat u nog…


Humans vestits com dibuixos animats; també hi ha una versió adulta. Via Fleshbot.