suddenly, i'm not half the post-nationalist i used to be

OK, Pere (who has starting writing most of this blog) has got me to do The Election Test. The green dot is what I think I am and the red dot is what I apparently really am: an ideological moderate with a strong Spanish nationalist streak who should be voting (if I had a vote, that is) socialist (variant Ibarra) or perhaps PP. The only explanation of this, of course, is that the test was set up by a gang of evil Catalanists who have noted my IP and are now coming after me with my version of Room 101: the complete works of Verdaguer. Now, if Spain only had a proper liberal party…


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  1. Interesting results. So, maybe you’re a dangerous fan of Rodríguez Ibarra, one of the most popular spanish politics in Catalonia :P But, nah…a person who wrotes a post about Margaret Thatcher ideas in 1945 cannot be an evil leftist ;) It could be that your ideas will be best expressed in Spain by a party like it was the UCD or CDS. The CDS, member of the International Liberal, exists but it’s a shadow of what it was in the 80’s. Most of his militants and voters are in the PP and some others in PSOE. In Catalonia, the former CDS leader, Antoni Fernández Teixidó, is now “conseller” of Industry, Tourism and Energy in the CiU admininistration. So, for now, you don’t have any political party that really represents you in Spain :)

  2. Oh, i forgot one thing. You commented that i’m writing most of this blog. Maybe it’s time to start to talk about my honoraries. Maybe Geoff needs some coins too to pay some beers at the pub ;D

  3. I have spoken to my lawyer who agrees that a contract is implicit in your failure to excise my comments from your publication and prevent further contributions. I want £3,421.56 plus VAT now for journalist services, £118.35 for a night spent in Birmingham drinking on the same day as I wrote a comment, and £5 to buy some flowers for someone who writes English and whose sister once went to Barcelona. That or I’ll mount a hostile takeover.

  4. Oh, no, no, don’t do that, pleazeeee, pleazeeeee. You’re a bad boy, very bad, always takes the bad side of my face…I’m not that ugly :P

  5. By the way, speaking again of your aversion to flags. Your aversion includes too the nice photographs of Britney Spears, Pink or Christina Aguilera wearing short bikinis with the colors of the stars and stripes flags…or the Union Jack? Of then you become the most fervent patriot? ;)

  6. Someone in my year at school painted his dick red white and blue in art and showed it to the girls during PE. I was not impressed.

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