The English week

Some completely useless information: la setmana anglesa (ie a working week that ends at lunch on Saturday) is specified in Article 201 of the constitution (PDF) written by Josep Conangla i Fontanilles and approved by Francesc Macià’s separatists in Havana, Cuba in October 1928. This is possibly the last positive mention of British working practices…

Lament re a case of carelessly induced bicephalism

You may console the catamaran bird during this walk. The catamaran bird (or so I’ve heard) Sobbed softly into its Kleenex: Some drunken twats burned half my slats So I’m neither bench nor phoenix.

rhyming down the danube on a friday afternoon

You probably saw the story run by the Telegraph yesterday re the siting of the Dracula theme park down on Ceausescu’s farm. Fine, but I do think it’s time to move on from this type of old, bad news and celebrate the dawning in global consciousness of Romania as the new Rome. For, although we…

The Jones

Better at everything, even in death: