So what if José Bono has called Blair a dickhead and an imbecile? Bono may be the leading candidate to lead the Spanish socialists after their almost certain defeat in the March generals, but the party is so enthusiastically engaged in auto-defenestration at the moment that it’s difficult to see them achieving anything constructive even next time round.

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  1. He was doing his particular version of a master in diplomacy ;O) It’s funny when politicians are caught in these situations. They think no one can hear them and then, they tell their “crude” opinions about rivals and situations. Bono isn’t the first caught. No one can trust in jounalists ;O)

  2. Yes, i am. I’m being ironic. The fact is José Bono said what he really thought about Tony Blair. And now, we all can have a opinion about these afirmations. I have the opinion that you can disagree with someone (and socialists in Spain doesn’t like the close relationship between Aznar and Blair) without insulting him.

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