The people’s friend?

Far be it from me to want to draw attention away from the Carod Rovira roadshow or to mock or criticise Esquerra in any way, but is it really true – as someone in a position to know told me last night – that Carod’s party colleague, Jordi Portabella, is heir to a decent proportion of the Danone millions?

(Don’t know the history of Danone? Try here (Fr), here (Fr) and here (Sp). Luís Portabella became company president and presumably acquired a large wodge of shares in 1941 when Daniel Carasso, the Jewish proprietor, seems to have felt that it would be more appropriate to develop the business in the States. As you know, Hitler had met Franco at Hendaye in 1940, but fortunately the pet paranoia of the Generalissimo and most of the Spanish right was freemasonry.)

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