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The Catalan Apache

Minorí Sorda reports that Alejandro Sanz used a signer for one of his numbers during a concert in Venezuela. Only one?! Why, Joan Amades (intro to the Cançoner) informs us that in Barcelona in the first half of the last century there was a dancehall especially for the deaf (he gets confused and uses mut, dumb). A light on the stage was turned on when the music started and off when it finished, and a placard next to it indicated what dance was being played, be it “an American, a waltz, a polka or some other dance.” According to the IEC the American arrived on the boat from Cuba, but exactly what kind of dance is it?


OK, I’ve figured it out (not). Here are some of the steps for the Catalan Apache:

Touch, hook, shuffle endavant, touch, hook, shuffle endavant
1-2 Touch taló dret davant, hook peu dret davant cama esquerre
3&4 Pas peu dret endavant, pas peu esquerre darrera del dret (3ª posició), pas peu dret endavant
5-6 Touch taló esquerre davant, hook peu esquerre per davant cama dreta
7&8 Pas peu esquerre endavant, pas peu dret darrera del esquerre (3ª posició), pas peu esquerre endavant

This is from Ray Country’s country music and line dancing site, and there’s also some good stuff at Terrassa’s Nashville Country Club.

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