evict a language from el pueblo español

We don’t like to say so in public, but we all know that most of the world’s remaining x thousand languages are doomed. At the moment, however, languages take years to die, and we all sit around worrying, wasting time and energy that would be much better invested in the pub.

And that’s why Kaleboel is offering you the unique opportunity to vote one of Spain’s top ten languages out of use this afternoon. The language that scores the most votes will be officially boycotted by Kaleboel until Monday, and an attempt will be made to compose a suitable tribute to the least-voted language in the language itself.

which language should go: the results
 Arabic: 1.92%
 Asturian: 5.77%
 Basque: 6.73%
 Caló: 3.85%
 Catalan-Valencian-Balear: 21.15%
 English: 22.12%
 Extremaduran: 4.81%
 Galician: 8.65%
 Spanish: 23.08%
 Spanish Sign Language: 1.92%
total votes: 104

Old surveys here. Nota bene: this is not intended to be taken seriously, so please do not kill anyone, particularly me.

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  1. Not enough of em, I’m afraid, although Kluivert may end up in the regional president’s office the way things are going.

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