al-qaeda & al-andalus

A number of people I spoke to yesterday were firmly convinced that Mr Aznar had himself planted the bombs, and that even al-Qaeda would be better than another Partido Popular term in power. Since most of these people also believe that one can have rational conversations with trees (but not, apparently, with prickly shrubs), it’s not the kind of thing worth getting into smacking matches over.

However, there’s a more powerful myth that will become better known if the responsibility of an al-Qaeda franchise is confirmed:

  1. that al-Andalus was an incomparable fount of wisdom and tolerance destroyed by intolerant barbarians from the north;
  2. that present-day Islam in Spain is a resurrection of al-Andalus; and
  3. that a desire to see an end to Islamic fundamentalism is a sure sign that one is just another intolerant barbarian from the north.

People called Iggy are usually worth listening to (even when they don’t say that “performing live should be like flying while elephants pound the earth“), so here’s another Iggy to explain a little more about this.

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