OK, I’ve had enough, I’m leaving

Current results have the ruling PP getting severely punished, the opposition socialists facing a huge challenge in cobbling together a coalition without destroying the party, and Catalan separatists coming pretty close to overtaking their more conventional comrades. However, it’s not the prospect of a re-run of the Catalan regional elections in the next couple of months that makes me want to go. Check this screendump from El Mundo:


Resurrect old wars if you want to, resurrect hobbits if you prefer, but please, please, don’t resurrect Swatch Internet Time.

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  1. BTW, what do you think about this:

    “The Spanish people demonstrated today that they have no courage.”
    From your “friend” at Iberian Notes :(

    I ara segueixo en Català que m’expreso millor, si no et fa res :)
    Ja el propi nom del blog de la “persona” aquesta fa olor a racisme (com dir: I write from this 3rd world country plenty of XV century idiots) però l’afirmació de que els Espanyols som cobards per guanyar el PSOE és REPUGNANT :(
    És més, em fa venir ganes de vomitar el fet que algú que viu a Barcelona vagi pel carrer mirant a la gent (als seus veïns, al poble que l’acull) amb aquests aires de superioritat… És idiota o racista? (bé, lo segon implica lo primer).

    Have a nice day ;-)

  2. I’ve also noticed various bitter, twisted references in there to the British and our superior sporting culture. These I ignore because the British exist in a racial sense only in the diseased minds of some people with British passports and lots of people without. I agree with you: it’s the kind of thing done either by accident or by someone who wants a fight, which may well be what Mr C is looking for this morning.

    I personally think that anyone who voted for any of the parties on offer yesterday was insane, but I’ve been drinking brandy in my tea for years. I intend to have a very nice day, and I hope you all do, too.

  3. These are no good days for anyone and I thank your words and hope that that writings about the courage of 40M people are only a passenger on his mind caused by the 11-M terrorist attack.

    And, of course, I invite him to rectify and keep the coexistence easy :)

    P.S.: Please forgive my broken english :-P

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