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There’s a good article in LaVa this morning by their man over the pond, Xavier Sala i Martín, in which he deplores the general tendency here to call one’s political opponents murderers. He goes on to point out that the attacks aren’t about Iraq but about a general hatred of the West and ends by saying that, since terrorists have now shown they can change governments, he isn’t going to be in New York on November 2nd. You may wish to disagree with that, but wait and wonder at the madness of Rafael Poch.

Mr Poch (without evidence, unless he is a keen reader of Socialist Worker) says that (crudely paraphrased) Asia is delighted with the socialist victory here and that all is required now is a social revolution. Funny, that, because that’s what the Chinese illegal who works 70 hours a week in the restaurant round the corner for €600 a month (he sleeps in the kitchen) told me he came to Spain to escape.

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