Catholic sharia courts in Spain

Half of Spain has been walking round for the past decade chanting “Aznar, murderer,” which is demonstrably untrue, and nothing at all has happened. Now a kid down in Seville has put a picture on his website of some virgin (sorry, Our Lady of Hope of Triana) with a willy in her hand and a traffic light attached in some fashion to her chest, and he’s been fined €1140, despite there being absolutely no authentic iconographical evidence that this was not how she went about her daily life. Who needs Osama when you’ve got the Andalusian judiciary?

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  1. Some months ago a group called “Narco” had their album out of the streets because included a game where you could kill “Nazarenos Zombie”. What crazy law was behind this? Intellectual property. Dunno what happened to the boy who did the game, but rumours said that the “religiosos” wanted to put him in jail.

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