Barcelona sidewalk etiquette

I’ve moaned about this before, and here’s a similar complaint in Terry’s Big Adventure:

I noticed that there was more of a sidewalk etiquette in Barcelona than in Italy but I think this had more to do with the large numbers of polite tourists in the area I was in. I did notice, however, that most Spanish men did not yield their “space”. I was sitting at a sidewalk cafe sipping a beer and smoking an over-priced Havana cigar when I witnessed a young man walking on a trajectory toward a lady. The lady looked to be a tourist and was walking slowly with her head down reading a map or pamphlet. Although there was an entire 30-foot wide sidewalk in which to walk the young man did not yield. With her head still down the lady bumped into him as the man stopped. The lady then said “excuse me” and walked around him.

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