Tom Shields in his excellent sports column in the Sunday Herald makes the interesting claim that:

Camp Nou was turned into a concentration camp by police… The fans sporting green and white, even those with ingeniously secured tickets for expensive seats at the Camp Nou, were herded through a gauntlet of riot police into a small section at the very top of the stadium. While large tracts of the stadium lay empty, these supporters were crammed into a steep enclosure and forced to sit three people to a step because there were not enough seats.

Caitlin, a corporate lawyer from Dublin … [said]: “It was so crowded and dangerous that some supporters actually jumped down into the level below to get away from the crush. At one moment I thought it could become another Heysel situation.”

I didn’t catch the match, being off singing, but if that’s true then it’s completely ridiculous. I came through the centre of town afterwards and I’ve never seen such a well-behaved group of fans. However, the big match news was the presence of members of the Israeli Kfar Saba Celtic Supporters Club:

The Kfar Saba Hoops have even set up their own Irish bar where they watch Celtic games on TV. Alon, co-owner of the pub, said: “We were going to call it Athenry but that is a difficult word for Hebrew speakers to say so we have named it the Foggy Dew.” Alon confirmed that on a match day, what with the excitement and all the Guinness there can be quite a few foggy Jews in the place. Kfar Saba has its own local team which the Israeli Tims also support. But Benny, the supporters’ bus convener, has a very strict rule on trips to away games: Celtic songs only.

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