Time to revisit that stake

Thierry kindly informs me – thank you, but why? – that Edward Saïd (1935-2003) is scheduled to make a surprise appearance at Voix de la Résistance, a fest being organised to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Le Monde Diplomatique. Even more remarkable in some ways is the slot scheduled for Jacques Derrida, who is not…

Football and globalisation

Here‘s something even idiots like me can understand: Branko Milanovic, World Bank economist and Carnegie bobo, explaining with reference to football why unfettered global markets will inevitably increase quality and increase and entrench inequality. The solution: regulation, with the UN as FIFA writ large. Hmm… Thank you, Geoffrey!

I hope this goat is ok

I’ve seen this happen to a sheep as the result of a heart attack. Many thanks to Andy “Drunk” Pandy.

(No such thing as a free) lunch with the colonel

Naive do-gooders like me were cheered immensely by the news that the Arab League summit in Tunis was apparently cancelled because al-Bush said the following to his Tunisian counterpart: I appreciate the fact that you’ve got an education system that is modern and viable; that women in your country are given equal rights. I look…

Business as usual

Doesn’t look like George Soros is too worried about the new green/red-tinged regional government: US billionaire investor George Soros plans to invest 110 million euros (133.2 million dollars) in Spanish tourism property, according to [Expansión]. Soros will invest an additional 110 million euros through his holding MedGroup, in which he owns 90% of the capital…