Intermission riff (ii)

Out of sight (and probably out of my mind) for a few days, so here for you and especially for Henk is an excerpt from a Jack Bulterman number called Steeple Chase, adapted from the version recorded by Theo Uden Masman and Het Ramblers Dansorkest in Casino Hamdorff in Laren, Holland on the 13th of December, 1937:

De Ramblers were a very fine danceband, and their Bouncin’ in Bavaria may still be remembered by some older anythingarians as Munich’s American Forces Network theme tune. Jack Bulterman, the band’s second trumpet player, is principally remembered for his role in the recordings Coleman Hawkins made with the band. Hawkins came to Europe on tour with Britain’s Jack Hylton and was marooned in Holland when Hylton crossed the border into Germany and the Nazis turned the band’s only black man back. Hawkins worked briefly with Masman’s band as a guest star and Bulterman, the band’s principal arranger, wrote several numbers for him, including the classic Meditation.

This info was checked and supplemented using this fine Dutch Bulterman bio.

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