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Sheesh! Someone called Luistxo has invented a complicated spec–read and shiver!–with which you have to comply in order to have a proper bilingual blog.

Kaleboel has dropped its forked-tongue strategy, having discovered that people get much more excited when you are rude about them in English rather than their own obscure dialect. But that, of course, is not going to prevent lectures on the meanings of “bilingual” and their relevance to blogging:

  1. Made up: Using or able to use two languages. A bilingual blog is something that fulfils this, and unless you’re planning to apply for exemption from amputation by the Languagetollahs that’s all there is to it.
  2. Thomas Sowell: Unable to speak English.

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  1. Not at all. I get hit by enough rules and recommendations every time I walk out the door. Rule 1 in blogs is that you can do whatever you want and describe it in any fashion that pleases you. Rule 2 has been abolished.

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