Birthrates in the unknown world

In an article on the Madrid bombings Michael Carlin (via HispaLibertas) proclaims the doom of a Spain trapped in fear and ignorance. No reason to get excited, I would have thought, since the British have known that this boat ain’t going nowhere for at least 416 years. Nevertheless, I did enjoy Mr Carlin getting all hot under the collar and pink in his teensy weensy little ears about the idea of having sex for fun instead of for the future of the nation. Spain, he writes, has “one of the lowest fertility rates in the known world.”

This startling statement implies that Mr Carlin is aware of – perhaps in intimate contact with – another world with birthrates as yet undisturbed by statistical forceps, and his style suggests that we are not dealing with a world susceptible to exploration by NASA. I hope he’ll tell us more about this world very soon, just as soon as he’s finished with this old one. However, and with ill-defined reference to my previous post, I suspect that he will find that birthrates (as opposed to cloning, propagation and other knavish gardening tricks) in the imaginary world have been very low for a very long time. I wish I knew if that was a bad thing.

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