Middle England

There’s a characteristically stupid article by Digby Anderson in/on the Telegraphy today in which he laments the decline of the British race etc etc etc. Middle England, reinvented, is actually bringing great blessings to Barcelona, courtesy of Ryanair. This afternoon I was lounging around in an exquisitely decorated ladyboy café, hoping to get served before next month, when a load of (female) oiks from Rotherham rolled in on a pub crawl, bawled at the waiter until he came, and pinched his bum when he went. A couple of months more of this and you’ll actually be able to use the drinking establishments in this part of town for drinking.

When Mr Anderson arrives in hell, it will be on a British Rail service. I keep a BR bartender’s jacket in my wardrobe to remind myself of how bad the past actually was. And yes, I do like mutton dressed as lamb.

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