New Abramovich yacht pictures

He’s got bath in his boat and I’ve got a boat in my bath, so I can’t really see why the world’s media only wants to interview Roman Abramovich. Anyway, here are some more photos (previous post) which I have received of the Pelorus undergoing what look like hull rib repairs, this time in Malta, if we are to judge by the van in the foreground of one of the photos which belongs to prominent Malta-based yacht repair business, Ray Abela and Son:

Pelorus photos
Photos 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 © 2004 by their owner

Meanwhile, today in the Guardian there’s a report by Adrian Levy and Cathy Scott-Clark which constitutes one of the first detailed looks at the bizarre and disturbing way in which Abramovich acquired his billions. There’s more of this coming, and some of it ain’t pretty.

(Paraffin, the 197-footer apparently still owned by Yankee Candle Company founder Mike Kittredge but up for charter at around $350K a season, has been in Barcelona harbour for a while now, but who cares about a yacht which in 2003 only ranked 66th in the world?)

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  1. I saw Pelorus in Seychelles in December 2003. All the delegation spent New Year there. Marvellous Yatch

  2. Abramovich Is Bond Villain
    In what’s proving to be a fairly football heavy news day Wealthy Russian Industrialist Roman Abromavich could be facing legal action in a Swiss Court after £9 Million has gone missing (in footballing terms that’s 1 Arjen Robben or 3 Alexei Smertins…

  3. Merhaba nasılsınız ben rıdvan futbol hastasıyım…abramovich hastasıyım…inanın mac izlemem hep seni izlemke isterim cunku cok yakışıklısınız…
    syn abramovich ?

  4. This is the hugest n the most luxurious yacht ever made on the world..

    Maybe you will be the luckiest man when you have a voyage with this one…

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