Known knowns

This is cool: Rumsfeld’s famous Feb 12th “As we know,/There are known knowns” briefing and other of his texts set to music. (Thanks A.)

Forum hates Michael

We already knew that Barcelona’s Forum lacked any political credibility, but it has now done something that is completely unpardonable: hurt Michael Jackson’s feelings. Here’s the Google version of a piece on They insult publicly to Michael Jackson in Forum 2004 They expose its physical changes as Maxima expression of the failure 28 of…

Sale el sol por la mañana

This morning in one of Barcelona’s beach-side districts, Barceloneta, l’Agrupació Coral Humorística “El Rossinyol”, founded 1925, was singing the following ditty, accompanied by a band that in Holland would be referred to as a boerenkapel: MIDI Sa-le_el sol por la ma-ña-na, por la ma-ña-na sa-le_el sol. Los bor-rachos por la tar-de, y por la no-che_el…

Sporting obscenity

With Lithuanian star Gregor Fucka already doing fine in FC Barcelona’s basketball sub-brand, it’s a pity that el Barça don’t seem to be able to find a brother to sign along with Michael Ballack for the football entity.