Forum hates Michael

We already knew that Barcelona’s Forum lacked any political credibility, but it has now done something that is completely unpardonable: hurt Michael Jackson’s feelings. Here’s the Google version of a piece on

They insult publicly to Michael Jackson in Forum 2004

They expose its physical changes as Maxima expression of the failure

28 of April of 2004

After being sponsored by some of most unjust, operating, mentirosas, warmongering and supercapitalist the companies of the Spanish state and the world, the numbers of assistants are ridiculous in comparison with the anticipated ones, the city council of Barcelona has dismantled without miramientos everything a district and multitude of voices has raised itself against hipocresía to promote a better world with a waste of visual effects and artistic without the minimum interest to put solutions on the table of the real world, Forum 2004 falls still more under insulting to Michael Jackson in one of its exhibitions.

‘ the beauty of fracaso/El failure of bellezá is the title that gives name to a exhibition of conceptual art formed by several contemporary artists who give a review to some of the great failures of the humanity, as the failure of Third Via – which she tried an intermediate model between Capitalism and the Comunism -, the failure of the world order to raiz of the attacks of 11-S, etc.

“At the end of the route” , the World publishes the newspaper today, “when the spectator already has choked with a proud Bush teaching the White House, he is with a video of a Szeemann, Thrill Me (2004), who narrates in six minutes the monstrous physical transformation of Michael Jackson, icon of the” American dream “absolutely is possible if money is had, to the rate of its famous Thriller.”

Peculiarly, this “work of art” () violates the norms of the own Forum. According to the Fundamental Principles of the Forum of the Cultures, it must guard by “the defense of the rights and individual liberties, very specially in the scope of the culture, with special attention to most vulnerable and the defense of the principles of fairness and solidarity” .

Also, the Forum says to be in favor of fighting against all class of exclusion and by the respect towards “all and each one of the existing ethnic groups” , besides to impel the knowledge “like channel of values and attitudes that contribute to create a peace culture and to develop the dialogue” .

“they will have engaged in a dialog” with Michael Jackson requesting permission to show its face to him as symbol of the failure of the humanity?

“I thought that it entered a place where all we were respected and accepted. I left defrauded “, writes Aisha Smahi after seeing the video.

BlackFedora.Net animates all fans and supporters of Michael to put itself in contact with the organization of Forum 2004 to show his repulse and to request that the piece is retired to insult openly and to try to call ‘ arté to which attempts against the dignity of a person with full name and who must have right to being dealt with respect, like any other person of this planet.

You can express your complaint here writing in the book of visits of the Forum and directly contacting with the organization doing click .

There’s a very nice Vietnamese restaurant in Sants which possesses (and plays on request) a DVD of all the Michael Jackson videos, and a night out there costs about a third of the price of a ticket to visit Mayor Clos’s carpark-on-sea.

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