What’s he on?

Kofi Abrampah was born in Ghana and studied molecular science at Rhode Island College, from which school he subsequently obtained his doctorate. He is currently employed by Amersham as a nuclear pharmacist which, according to Africa’s finest portal, GhanaWeb, means that “he compounds and prepares radio pharmaceutics (radioactive drugs).” So what do you think he looks like? Here’s a photo:

Most pharmacists I know are, like me, fairly weedy individuals, and most of them engage in product testing on the sly. But, although several of his bodybuilding rivals have failed the tests, and although his nickname – Dr Kof – might lead one to suspect otherwise, Dr Abrampah is clean. Writes GhanaWeb, “His diet consists of chicken and rice.” Yeah, yeah, but how many chickens?

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Last updated 31/05/2004

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