Shameless plug

Polifònica Industrial, the choir of which I am apparently director, is singing and prancing around at the Marató de l’Espectacle at the Mercat de les Flors at 22:25, tonight, Friday. We are going to perform a mild parody of some West African light music with a text in favour of the commercialisation of popular beverages.…

Ghit, glossarised

Paddling its little coracles to the farthest reaches of the sea of confusion (mind the serpent!), the Language Log tribe is muttering obscure acronyms which it believes will help us understand web searching better. Too late, for “the most excellent (and only) glossary of the Stammtisch Beau Fleuve” has spoken: ghits: Google HITS. An accepted…

Ah! an adjective!

“Oh beautiful and natural Catalonia! The art of blending flavors with the Mediterranean influence!”

Teaching the world to sing in pure cacophony

Some bloke up in Argèles (Roussillon) is going to start producing a Catalan nationalist ripoff of Coca-Cola, along the lines of the Arab, Breton and other sorry travesties. This is excellent news, because now a simple blood test will suffice to discover the real idiots among us, assuming they don’t poison themselves first.

Another crap restaurant

Camper’s core business is shoes, which explains why they are opening a restaurant in Barcelona. Oops, sorry, Foodball is neither a bar nor a restaurant…[it is] a way of looking at eating culture… Camper is not targeting any particular age range, which is perhaps in recognition of the demographic diversity of natural and ethical consumers.…