Ah! an adjective!

“Oh beautiful and natural Catalonia! The art of blending flavors with the Mediterranean influence!”

I am not sure whether this text advertising “French Catalonia walking tour” qualifies as Google-bombing, or whether it is simply the linguistic equivalent of Night of the Living Dead:

Oh beautiful and natural Catalonia! The art of blending flavors with the Mediterranean influence! This region of France is a landscape of thousand faces. From vineyards to bays, from wooded hills to towering mountains, Catalonia is an open air and open country. With its nice weather and memorable walks, Catalonia is an excellent choice, with scenery that changes with the seasons and its abundance of animal and plant life. Located in the southern part of the region, just north of Spain, the region is also home to prehistoric sites of Tautavel and Belesta, some of the oldest human findings in the world. This region is also rich in wine production, and this tour includes tastings and walks among the many vineyards. Along your tour, you meet local wine producers, taste and share with them the full-bodied, tasty and rich French Catalonia wines, and enjoy the rustic and grounded traditional Catalan cooking!

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