Fascist massacre in Barcelona

The French section of Squat.net is brilliant. It’s where you publish stories that reveal even more of the *real* truth than Indymob can take. For example, the neoliberal press claims that Sant Joan, the local midsummer night feast, passed off without trouble. Wrong! Fist informs us that

A concert took place in the self-managed park of Forat de Vergonya [a 200*100m open space between housing], and towards 4am an employee of the city’s cleaning services [BCNeta] called the police complaining of fireworks having been thrown into his van. A patrol arrived and two supermen launched into a pursuit of the people denounced by the employee of BCNeta. And 15 people launched a pursuit of the police. An arrestee was freed, but in the scuffle the cops started to play with their truncheons and one of them was hit on the head by a stone. He then drew his service weapon and fired several shots in the air. Everyone dispersed, while the car parked in front of the festival was partially destroyed. It is only today (Friday June 25) that we learned of the arrest of two people who had nothing to do with the affair but who were leaving the festival (the district having been sealed off). The charges are still not known.

As fascist conspiracies go, this is pretty big. The genocidal forces of occupation (including the cleaning department) have all subverted normal accounting procedures to conceal the gunfight and the arrests as well as the most serious event of the night, which Fist omits for reasons best known to him and his police paymaster: the rounding up and machinegunning of the entire district.

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  1. Gah. Right at the end of my street. All seemed fairly quiet as I returned at about 5.30am anyway. Not that I’d have been in much of a state to notice full-on gang warfare, to be honest. Forat de Vergonya is great, though – so only a matter of time before the Ayunatmiento tears it down.

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