Saudis seek tourism assistance abroad

It seems that the local parasite class is going to stop moaning about Bush and his Saudis for long enough tomorrow to welcome Prince Sultan ibn Salman, apparently secretary-general of the Saudi “Supreme Commission for Tourism”, who is here to open some anti-democratic jamboree down at the Forum, to which local women’s groups presumably haven’t been invited.

The notion of going to Riyadh on holiday is intriguing enough – Meryl Yourish rolled it around and spat it out a while back – but even more fascinating is the process by which the Saudis hope to redefine the brand: from one associated with amputations and beatings to one that will get you that cappuccino in a moment, and sorry for the delay.

Sure, McKinsey would have done fine, but the Saudis wanted people with serious hands-on experience of transforming a repressive theocracy into, like, a fun place, so they turned to… (scroll down)


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