And the winner of this morning’s spam competition is…

Mr Wang Qin, “credit officer of the Hang Seng Bank Ltd”, who has a not very well “concealed business suggestion” for me involving Ibrahim Moussa and US20M and culminating in an offer to provide me with Tiscali broadband @ £15.99/month. The mail is sent from, although I assume he means wang_qin24*

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  1. I didn’t realise until someone pointed me to the Tiscali support a pyramid selling scheme to push their product – much like Amway. I had always thought such schemes were discredited and distasteful, only pushed by small-timers at the top of the pyramid – who are the only ones to make money from them – but apparently not.

  2. Would it be excessively paranoid to wonder whether ISPs tolerate spam sent from their freemail systems because it includes their automatically-added sales pitch at the end?

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