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Most of you will only have heard of Spanish socialist defence minister, José Bono, for his having called Tony Blair “a dickhead” and for his having awarded himself a gong for flying the small Spanish contingent out of Iraq and back to barracks. It would be unfair of this blog to focus on Catalan ethnofascists to the exclusion of mummies from other tombs, so here is a tiny fragment from a report in El Semanal Digital re the attendance of this paternalist, ultra-Catholic, Spanish nationalist and uniform fetishist at the funeral of the man who, as Cardinal of Toledo, delivered the homily at the funeral of another paternalist, ultra-Catholic, Spanish nationalist and uniform fetishist some 30 years ago:

“I had the good fortune,” stated [Mr Bono], “of being able to be present in the last hour of life of Don Marcelo: the last letter that he wrote, he wrote to me, for which I am satisfied. But above all for having been able to accompany him in the last hour of his peaceful death agony,” he declared.

The current Spanish administration may sometimes recall Callaghan and Healey in 70s Britain, but this guy is up a different tree altogether.

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