Street nudism fine, says Barcelona council

That’s what this morning’s El Periódico says. The council is promoting it along with two naturist bodies, ADDAN and ALETEIA, and there’s a pamphlet featuring a naked woman up on Montjuïc. Unfortunately for local coppers there’s not likely to be much need for them to defend the civil rights of naked girlies (not even the hordes of African prostitutes currently driving out the locals), elderly male smoothies being the principal market segment.

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  1. I guess that’s one of the drawbacks to hanging around with ultra-conservatives: stupidity and ugliness end up seeming like natural partners.

  2. You people stop taking the mickey. This will reduce thrid world hunger and is good for employment.

  3. The local textile industry is already in deep doo and the end of the protectionist Multi-Fibre Accord next year will destroy them, so I take it someone asked them what they thought about the Mayor of Barcelona saying, “Hey, clothes, who needs em!” Kaleboel says “Make a working man happy, wear a corset!”

  4. Mayor Clos was NOT at Cap de l’Agud last summer and he does NOT have a cock piercing

  5. I think we’re slightly losing sight of the fact that this is a serious moral issue. Just consider what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah: you can fly there for £29.50 with Easyjet.

  6. Nice man Joan, mayor of Barcelona,
    Not very rich, but not a serious moaner,
    Jaunty old Joan, a happy fifty-three,
    Not very tall, but healthier than me.
    He whistles timeless tunes as he saunters down the street,
    Springs in his legs and elastic in his feet.
    But in the middle of the night,
    He steals through your garden,
    Gives your hosiery a fright,
    And doesn’t say pardon.
    As soft as a breeze,
    With an arm full of underwear,
    On his hands and knees,
    Dreams about the knicker scare.

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