Demonstration in support of heroic Chechen fighters

If the annual ceremony bemoaning the arrival of liberal centralism in Catalonia is beginning to seem kind of boring, here‘s one you’ll surely enjoy, organised by The Popular Front for Solidarity with the Chechen People and his increasingly nervous dog:

  • 11:00 Political ceremony on the Passeig del Born. With the participation of Alij Masteiev, representative of the Mujahideen Front for the Liberation of Chechnya, who will analyse recent events.
  • 14:00 Participation in the demonstration called by Rescat [“Rescue”] in support of Catalan political prisoners [ie those convicted of assisting ETA in these parts] with our own bloc in remembrance of those reprisaled [sic] and fallen in combat for a free Chechnya.
  • 15:00 Alternative botifarrada [Catalanista pork-sausage eating event; sorry, Mr Masteiev] with products typical of the Caucasus on the Passeig del Born.
  • 17:00 Participation in the Demonstration in the bloc of our sister organisation, Endavant [“Forward”; Catalan ethnic socialist separatists].
  • 20:00 Combative demonstration in remembrance of those fallen in Beslan in front of the Russian Consulate General in Barcelona (Ave. Pearson, 34, 08034) under the slogan “Neither forgotten nor forgiven, PUTIN MURDERER AND LORD OF CAPITAL”.

We expect all of you, men and women, [as] we give support to the Chechen popular struggle. Their methods may be different, but they have been left with no choice!!


“Self-determination is taken, not asked for”.

Some of the same events are advertised under different names and at different times here and in other places.

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  1. Glory to the Martyrs, Courage to the Fighters!
    I’m so happy to see that Catalan people support heroic struggle of Chechnya. Chechens fight for freedom and honor- two things which are priceless. This fight costed Chechnya more than 250 thousand victims of russian terror. 40 thousand Chechen children were killed during russian “counter terrorist operations”. But we know well that THE TRUE TERRORIST LIVES IN KREMLIN!

  2. Funny you say that, because the People of Catalonia solidified with Al-Qaeda and Saddam against that evil terrorist Bush but have so far signally failed to bang pots and pans in support of Chechen terrorists or Georgian freedom fighters or whatever in their recurrent problems with that evil terrorist Putain.

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