“I’d never f**king heard ‘Y Viva Espana’,” says Geraint Watkins.

P just sent me a clipping, no less, of the obit of the great Welsh journalist and film-maker, John Roberts Williams, who died in October. Apparently he made a film of the “visit of a choir from Coedpoeth, near Wrexham, to Madrid, which concentrates more on bullfighting than on choral singing”, but Google throws no light. Anyone know more?

(Williams’ audience evidently didn’t include the one and only Geraint Watkins, who spent some time in London playing pub piano whilst between bands: “The first booking I had, the woman said, ‘You do play Y Viva Espana, don’t you?’ I said ‘YES’ of course I played it. She said, ‘That’s nothing like ‘Y Viva Espana’. I wasn’t suprised, I’d never f**king heard ‘Y Viva Espana’.”)

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