Welcome to new, pronounceable kalebeul

The phonetic rebranding of Kaleboel.

Consonance of Viennese- Albertan non-pulmonic consonant activists

Consonance of Viennese- Albertan non-pulmonic consonant activists

Viennese-Albertan activists

Some of the sternest criticism of Kaleboel in recent years has come from those notorious guardians of social propriety, the Viennese-Albertan Dialect Society. All attempts at pacification having failed, the other day I went and had a chat with Mahatma Heidelberg, chain-smoking head of the section dedicated to giving a voice to non-pulmonic consonants.

“Mahatma,” I said, “tell me honestly what you think is wrong with the Kaleboel brand and we’ll see if we can’t fix it.”

“Eh, Gåleböl, gimma n Eitrige, eh!”

“Hey Mahatma, let’s do this in English for the old folks at home.”

“Eh, well lots of people don’t know how to pronounce it, so you need to clarify that, then throw in the odd non-pulmonic consonant to get the youth…”

And so he went on, and so this morning I am able to present to you new, pronounceable k’alebøl, starting with a lovely little voiceless velar ejective (source). Make sure you get it right.

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  1. Dude, that k was supposed to be a voicless velar ejective? Well, no wonder I couldn’t pronounce it correctly. I’m like all overcome and overwrought. Congratulations on the new URL and the refurbished blog. I told the story of the cagangers to a crowd of Thanksgiving diners and they sat abashed. Only one person who had been to Barcelona kept choking, snorting, and saying: it’s true.

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